Timeless Tile: Moroccan

  • Interior fans know that tiles are a stylish way to breathe life into your home, with a host of different shapes, colors, prints and patterns to choose from.
  • You can makeover the interior of your home in exquisite style using intricate Moroccan Tiles. Brighten your bathroom, vivify your kitchen and add appeal to a plain hallway. But what about the exterior? The outside of your home is just important. It’s the first thing your visitors see when they arrive. Do you want the outside of your home to blend in and almost become invisible? Surely, it’s better if your home stands out and shows off its own vivacious personality to the best of its ability.If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor pool make sure you make the most of it. Moroccan pool tiles can bring a touch of class and make a striking feature for pool walls and floors. A pool tile is a simple thing, but when it is handcrafted and made by talented artisans it becomes a mini work of art. Tiles should be vibrant, with prominent designs that stand out. Make your pool a real feature, invite friends and family over and let them enjoy some outdoor fun.

Decorating your swimming pool with Moroccan pool tile?
It will definitely add authentic imagination and distinct style to your environment.

Black Moroccan trellis pool line tiles accent a cream pool coping.

Are you ready to turn an everyday pleasure into a work of art?

The art of tiling is as old as civilization itself, from intricate Eastern patterns to the lush layouts of Roman bathhouses. Swimming pool tiles and their luxurious waterlines can evoke faraway places and secret dreamscapes, with rich hues and sweeping schemes setting the stage for your own aquatic spa. Hand-painted Mediterranean blues and Caribbean corals, Art Deco inspired black & white parquet designs, and even simple pearl toned tiles reflect every ripple and wave on the water, all but inviting you in for another dive.

The look of the Moroccan tile dates back to before the 8th century, when Islamic artists needed something to decorate their tiles with that didn’t depict living things, as consistent with religious teachings. The patterns that were then created were painted on terracotta tiles and these tiles eventually migrated to Spain where they became an iconographic piece.
  • Our love affair with patterned tiles isn’t a new thing. Moroccan style has become one of the most significant trends of the year.
  • The trend will keep going strong in to 2021 and is also a timeless style that won't date.

~If you’re looking to fully follow the Moroccan theme you would typically stick with a geometric tile that is repeated in a pattern. With modern interpretation however, you can be a lot more liberal with your tile choice and still stay on theme. Modern Moroccan tiles are incorporated with other contemporary pieces for a true combination of old and new.
~It’s a lot easier to fully embrace to theme but you can definitely introduce the theme through more subtle pieces.

~Think of the tiles as the foundations to a project. The foundation is incredibly important to the success of the rest of the project. With tiles being such a staple piece of the Moroccan theme and history they are the design piece you should focus your whole theme around and build it up around the tiles themselves.

Appreciate them!

Let’s take a look at these drop-dead gorgeous Moroccan tiles and see how they can be used.

Will you be adding a touch of Moroccan tiles to your pool? If so, how?

We would love to hear your plans!

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