The magic of water features

  • If you live in Cayman Islands and have extra space in your backyard, creating a pool in your yard is a luxury not to be missed. On scorching summer days, there’s nothing quite like being able to dive into a pool of cool, crystal clear water.

But what if you could increase the joy your pool brings you even more?

Upgrading your pool with a water feature is an excellent way to add that extra splash of interest and intrigue to your outdoor space. Popular for a variety of types of pools, water features come in all different shapes and sizes.  From fountains to water walls and everything in between, adding a water feature gets you more bang for your buck when it comes to increasing the pleasure you and your family get from utilizing your pool.

Let’s dive in all reasons why you should add a water feature to your pool design.

  • ~ Water Features Make Your Pool More Attractive
  • Aside from the functionality of having a pool, one of the biggest reasons why homeowners build a pool in the first place is for the aesthetic value a pool adds to your property. Pools are stunning additions to backyard spaces. Water features add an extra layer of opulence to your pool and make your yard feel truly luxurious. They serve as impressive marks of style during the day, and even more so when strategically lit up at night. Especially with the addition of well designed LED lighting, your pool can be a radiant focal point for you and your friends and family members to enjoy for decades.
  • ~Water Features Increase The Value Of Your Pool
  • One of the main benefits of owning a swimming pool is that it assists with relaxation. Spending time in the water is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and help you sleep better at night. However, these benefits can be improved even further with a water feature. What’s more relaxing than hearing the sound of a cascading waterfall while you lounge on your own personal beach? You can hear the sound of the rushing water and see it constantly moving, which adds to the calming experience and makes it feel more natural, as if you are swimming next to a waterfall or in a stream. This allows for an even more relaxing experience in your pool, enabling you to transport your mind to an exotic location at the end of a difficult day and feel your worries melt away as you relax in the water.
  • ~ Water Features Increase Your Property Value
  • Water features look extremely luxurious – we have all seen them in the grounds of exclusive hotels, and in magazine photographs of celebrity homes. By adding a water feature, you can make your swimming pool stand out from the rest, giving your property an extra touch of luxury and improving the appearance of your yard. For this reason, a water feature can increase the value of your property. Potential buyers will instantly be smitten by the opulent look of a water feature. There are an endless number of water features types and design styles to choose from.

There are an endless number of water features types and design styles to choose from.

The challenge, though, is finding the right water features for your pool. Not only must they fit your budget and lifestyle, but they must also make sense with your pool’s design and your home’s architecture.
For now, here are some ideas regarding a few of the most timeless, popular water features to spark your creativity.

Cascading Waterfall

Rock Waterfall

Sheer Waterfall

Spillover Waterfall

As you might imagine, waterfalls are one of the most requested water features. Depending upon what you want in a waterfall, it can be dramatic, alluring, or peaceful — but it always makes a statement. A sleek waterfall that drops straight down adds a contemporary, sophisticated flare, while waterfalls created with boulders and lush landscaping provide a more earthy, natural atmosphere for your back yard. You can even use carefully placed landscaping to obscure your pool from view and create an extremely intimate, romantic oasis in your own back yard.

Water Walls

Similar to a waterfall, water wall features are a classically stylish option. Glamorous and modern, wall water features do tend to incur more expense than other water feature designs. In order to create a water wall, you have to first build a wall at the side of your pool. Builders typically use wood or steel for the bulk of the wall, then finish the top portion with tile for aesthetic reasons. A water blade streams water against the wall, creating the illusion of an actual wall made of water at your pool’s perimeter. You can set your water wall at different angles and heights to achieve different design looks, and you can even automate lights to create stunning light designs.


The word “fountain” can mean a lot of different things. Ranging from small stone fixtures to massive, sweeping structures to rival The Bellagio in Las Vegas, the beauty of a fountain is that it can be anything you want it to be. While most fountains are static pieces, you can also work with your pool builder to create floating designs that lend a romantic, bohemian vibe to your pool.


Sunpods are a visually interesting point of convergence between two bodies of water—most often, a pool and a spa. They are small areas that take advantage of the natural beauty of light bouncing off of rippling water. Sunpods can be created from a variety of materials in almost any colour and can easily be paired with small jets or fountains to create an area of undeniable beauty. The Sunpod also makes an ideal “splash zone” for the kids, as they can enjoy playing around the water jets, adding plenty of extra fun.

Deck jets

Deck jets - also called laminar jets - are ideal for extending the benefits of the pool into the poolside area or your other landscaping. They can be positioned anywhere you like, providing added interest, with water shooting upwards from the jets in the ground, back into the pool. Deck jets are ideal for providing the sound and motion of running water, so they can add to your relaxation in the pool. They are also loads of fun for the kids to run through, and offer a convenient and quick way to cool down on a hot day.


These small jets — also called gushers — are self-explanatory: they make bubbles! Typically located in the shallow end of a pool, jets installed on the floor of the pool shoot up, creating a gurgling sound. You’ve definitely seen these before. They’re used in all sorts of water applications, from water parks to small installations in the front of office buildings. Bubblers are a great addition to any pool with a defined wading area that’s substantially shallower than the rest of the space.


Spouts are small holes in the side of your pool that allow small, thin streams of water to spurt out. Spouts are a simple way to add some visual interest to your pool and create a more serene environment.


Besides waterfalls, swimming pool grottos are the ultimate water feature. Imagine swimming up to a picturesque rock grotto and sitting underneath a curtain of water cascading down in front of you. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

So, which pool water features sound the most appealing to you?

Whether or not you already own a pool, the best way to get started is to choose your favorite. The challenge, though, is finding the right water features for your pool.

But no matter what you’re thinking about adding to your pool, you’ve got to like it!

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