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Marc Anthony’s Dominican Oasis
Around the sand-bottom pool at Marc Anthony’s Dominican Republic compound—designed by local architect Dino Barré of DM Dominicana—are palapa-style guest villas constructed of American pine and topped with cane roofs supported by concrete columns. As throughout the property, the outdoor furnishings are cushioned in Sunbrella fabric.
The world’s largest pool
That’s right – this pool located in Algarrobo, Chile, spans 20 acres and holds an astounding 66 million gallons of seawater pumped and filtered from the Pacific Ocean. If you just did a quick take, you would probably think it was part of the ocean itself!
Guitar-Shaped Pool in Indonesia
The first ever guitar shaped pool was built in the 60s at the Oakville, Tennessee home of country music singer Webb Pierce. You could even pay to take a tour and see the pool, which attracted 30,000 tourists a week. After the neighbours complained, Pierce built a replica for public use in Nashville.
Imagine taking a dip in one of Hearst Castle’s ornate pools
Costing a small $10million, William Randolph Hearst has created two pools for his ‘castle’ in California. Known as the Neptune and Roman pools and constructed between 1924 and 1936, the pools resemble opulent Roman baths. Covered in priceless marble and mosaic tiles and featuring 8 Italian crafted statues, you would have to wonder what it would cost to create today.
Hanging Gardens Ubud - Split-Level Infinity Pool
Each of the hotel rooms has its own individual outdoor pool with a wooden terrace, in some rooms the pools are literally in contact with huge trees. They are designed in a such way that the sides are practically invisible, that's why the holidaymakers have a pleasant feeling of weightlessness during the rest. Guests of this luxury hotel in Bali will have the opportunity to choose a room from which they can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills, exotic forest or temple.

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  • Pool Trends in 2020

The Top Swimming Pool Trends Making A Splash For 2020

Biggest trend overall: Everyone wants a pool!

Simply stay home – with your own swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Tanning Ledges

Looking for the cool, relaxing enjoyment of a pool without swimming?

Tanning ledges allow you exactly that.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Amazing sunken seating area - in the middle of a pool!

Sunken seating is the perfect way to make the outdoor lounge the central attraction of your pool.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Dark Pool Interior

The dark interior will be so different from what your friends and family are expecting, their jaws will drop to the floor when they see it.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Fire features

Extremely popular pool trend in 2020, and it’s easy to understand why.

The combination of fire and water is visually stunning.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Smart Pool Lighting 

Pools are great no matter what, but when you light up your pool, it suddenly takes on an all new level of awesome.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Getting a Pool? How about a Spa?

Soaking in a swim spa on a regular basis can result in a variety of health benefits.


Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Water Features

Pool waterfalls and water fountains are showing up more and more in modern pool designs.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Full tiled Pools

There is nothing more elegant and chic than a completely tiled pool.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020

Infinity Edge Pools

Infinity edge pools are luxurious and visually captivating, positioned to take advantage of a spectacular views of Cayman.

Swimming Pool Trend 2020
  • Top Tiles in 2020

Top Tile Finishes in 2020

Mosaic Glass Tiles
Pebble Tiles
Ceramic Tiles


Glass Tiles