Sunken Pool Lounge. Yes!

  • Swimming Pool with sunken lounge brings a major WOW- FACTOR to your backyard!
  • They manage to take our breath away immediately...

Let us inspire you with some Extraordinary Outdoor Sunken Lounges That Will Make You Say WOW

The sunken lounge- conversation pit’s roots run deep.

Let’s talk, for a moment, about a curious architectural feature of many mid-century homes: the sunken living room.

For a while, it was all the rage to step down into your living space, until, all of a sudden, it wasn’t. To what do we owe the rise and fall of the sunken living room?

Both and Houzz trace the origin of the sunken living room to Kansas-born architect Bruce Goff, who in 1927 designed a house for his teacher, Adah Robinson. The home, which was built in the Art Deco style, had a feature that had never been seen before: a sunken conversation pit.

The conversation pit served a social purpose, providing shelter for more private conclaves.

If you’ve ever been in a home with a sunken living room, it’s easy to see that they have a certain grandeur.

Benefits of using sunken lounge:

  • They define the space
  • The feeling of openness is preserved without losing any definition between, the lounge rea and the pool. By having the seating lower than the surrounding levels, people can easily talk with anyone in the pool.
  • They create intimacy
  • Cozy sunken areas that are outfitted with comfortable seating and pillows are a great way to introduce a more intimate space in your outdoor area. Whether you use it for conversation or board games, it pushes the members of your family into a smaller space for a cozier vibe.
  • They introduce character
  • Sunken lounges become the center of attraction every time you entertain guests. Sunken spaces takes pools to a whole new level.

When Your Pool Has Its Own Living Room

Plush seating, dining tables, fire pits and sunbathing platforms are serenely surrounded by water.
  • A sunken pool lounge is a socialite’s favorite addition. If you love to entertain but don’t want to be in the pool 24/7, then this is the ideal submerged feature for you. Sunken pool lounges can be placed anywhere in your pool area and will offer you the comfort of enjoying your pool without getting wet. Sunken lounges with stepping-stone access can be installed in your pool, or you can position one against the side of your pool and add entry steps. Some pool owners choose to include tables in the center of the lounge, while others opt for a fire pit.

I think you’ll all agree the sunken lounge will make your poolside dreamier.
What are your thoughts?

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