Swimming with Fur Friends

  • Want to soak in the sun and make a splash with your fur pal?
    Swimming provides both you and your dog a chance to exercise while cooling off and having fun on a warm day!
    Many dogs love to go swimming, especially in the heat of summer. If you have your own swimming pool, you might have considered letting your water-loving dog swim in it.
    Allowing your dog to swim in the pool is not an entirely bad idea, but there are some things you should consider first.
  • Just like for people, swimming for dogs is a great, low-impact total body workout. Swimming is easy exercise on your pet’s joints and limbs, which is terrific for both young pups and aging dogs alike. Swimming pools can be a fun place to play with the family in the water.


Inground pools like fiberglass and concrete should not get damaged by your dog.


When it comes to chemicals, just like with humans everything is in moderation. There is no definite warnings out there specifically for dogs, but if you wouldn’t swim in your pool I wouldn’t let your animals.

Salt chlorine generators work very well with dogs. They produce a low level of natural chlorine, the chemicals aren’t harsh and the salt is easy on the skin for both humans and dogs.

  • As long as your dog seems happy and healthy, don’t worry—they’re probably having a great time!
  • Watch out for signs of irritation or allergies including red eyes and coughing, and remove them from the pool if they start exhibiting any unusual symptoms.


  • If you have a cartridge filter on your pool it may mean that you have to clean the filter element more frequently. If you have a sand filter, you may need to backwash more often as well. Keeping your pool properly chlorinated will help too. Using a chlorine generator, you can accomplish this with little to no effort, other than testing the water and adjusting the pH when necessary. Another way to maintain your filter system is to use a skimmer sock to catch dog hair so you can remove it from the pool before it goes through the system. This can help cut down on clogs and cleaning time of the filter.

Please be aware of the potential for dogs to jump or fall into the pool but not be able to get out!

What can you do to ensure the safety of your pets around the swimming pool?

You can invest in a pet-safe pool ladder, or ramp, to help your pets climb out of the pool.
Skamper Ramp is the original pool exit ramp for dogs. Two sizes are available, for small dogs up to 50 lbs, and a larger Skamper Ramp for dogs up to 90 lbs. Attaches to your pool cover deck anchors, or you can install two small anchors in the pool deck to attach the dog ramp. Made of durable, impact resistant UV stabilized plastic with surface holes for traction.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

  • Always Supervise Your Dog While They Swim
  • Swimming will tire your fur friend out and make them thirsty, so make sure you have plenty of fresh, clean drinking water! This will also prevent them from sipping from the source they are swimming in. You don’t want your dog to drink from the pool.

Wash Your Dog After Swimming

  • Giving your dog a bath after a swim helps clean off pool chlorine, salt, or dirt that has accumulated on their fur.
  • But what is Pool fun without your best friend by your side?
  • That’s right, pool-float shenanigans aren’t just for humans anymore: Dogs are getting in on the action with aquatic loungers made especially for our four-legged friends!
    And don’t forget to incorporate fun floating dog toys to level up the water excitement!

Vigilance is the key to ensuring the safety of others, whether children or pets.

  • You can never supervise too much, so stay vigilant with a view to pool safety.
  • Use these insights to make an informed decision to let your dog(s) into your new pool or to find alternative swimming activities for water-loving dogs.

    With the right precautions, the pool can be a fun space for both families and their pets.

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