Pool Renovation
There are so many ways to update your pool to keep up with the times and make it feel new to you all over again.



A better, a fuller life!

-Add a spa to your pool

Modernize Your Pool with a Stunning Retile.

-Upgrade Waterline Tiles
-Fully Tile Pools

New level of awesome.

-Interactive/color-changing LED lights

Hot Pool Trend Alert!

-Adding Fire Features To Your Pool

Set Up Your Outdoor Area in Style!

-IPE Wood

  • Pool Renovation
  • Does Your Old Pool Lack The Charm Of When It Was New? Let’s Make It Beautiful Again!
  • Let us deliver more than you ever imagined possible with a complete modernization and style make-over
  • If your swimming pool is old, or is starting to look a little “dated” to you, then you might be interested in a pool remodel or renovation. This can be a simple face-lift, or it can be a whole lot more. No matter how old your pool is, it can be updated and renovated to look like a stunning masterpiece that will save you time and energy, and turn heads for years to come...
  • To discuss the possibilities for your backyard, just give us a call. You may want to schedule a no-obligation visit, for a “hands-on” look at your options and potential.
  • -Re-plastering the pool interior
    -Updating or installing new deck surfaces (such as natural stone, pavers or other materials)
    -Replacing the plaster finish with aggregates, mosaics, or an all-tile finish
    -Replacing older tile with a newer style
    -Leak detection, plumbing

Let’s talk about your project.